OBJECTORA is the colour and light you have been looking for! Services for events, theatre, the stage and the backstage. Objectora offers Theatre Making and Storytelling as well as Prop, Puppet and Costume Design and Making, Body Painting and Make-up for Theatre and Events.

OBJECTORA objects to supporting climate change with its creativity. This means an exploration in Zero Waste to support sustainable practices as well as using vegan products.

OBJECTORA was created by international artist Sònia Gardés, who has more than a decade of experience in the sector. Her more relevant work includes the creation of the show What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know) as a Commissioned Artist for the Village Storytelling Festival 2017, a residency as a Young Storyteller for FEST at the International Storytelling Festival 2018, work as a maker for Gavin Glover (Ulysses, 2017) and Vision Mechanics (Dragon Quest, 2015) and Sfx Make-up Assistant work for DDTsfx for Los Abrazos Rotos, by Pedro Almodóvar (2009) and Agora, by Alejandro Amenábar (2009).