Theatre Maker


by Sònia Gardés (2017)

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Sònia Gardés created this 70 minutes performance for adults for The Village Storytelling Festival 2017 as a commissioned artist for the Village Storytelling Centre. The show brings together storytelling and live-streamed object theatre to tell the story about a mysterious family patriarch who the family stopped talking about after the Spanish Civil War.

When political disagreements with her whole family became the centre of her life, Sònia started wondering about that mysterious figure in the story of the family who had gone on exile 80 years ago and who nobody talks about. Did he go through the same isolation? Would he argue with her as well? Was he alive, would he be the political and emotional support she is lacking? What happened to his believes and to the others who thought the same as him? Can you kill an idea? 

Breaking the silence built around the patriarch of her family, Sònia starts a journey inside the anarchist movement of the Spanish Civil War, and dives into a sea of old photos, objects, and answers that awake more questions, trying to establish this intergenerational conversation that never could happen.

The show uses storytelling, object theatre, puppetry and micro-cinema to tell a story about intergenerational trauma, long term emotional consequences of creating refugees and resiliance.


by Charlotte Allan (Ipdip Theatre), Sònia Gardés and Beth Frieden (Theatre Gu Leòr) (2016)

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Puppet-Led Yoga is a co-production of three artists exploring mindfulness for children. The show presents a Yoga teacher consistant of a Bunraku puppet puppeteered by three performers who teaches a yoga lesson for children while storytelling. The show has been presented at the Family Fringe of the Edinburgh Children’s Festival 2016 and the Mòd Festival 2016.



by Sònia Gardés in collaboration with other artists and organisations like Loop Theatre, Surge, Puppet Animation Scotland, Kirsty McCarther and Marianne Benzie

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As a theatre maker, Sònia Gardés have explored and collaborated in several projects by Surge, Loop Theatre and Puppet Animation Scotland exploring, Socially Engaged Performing Arts, Puppet Theatre, Object Theatre and Physical Theatre.