Puppetry and storytelling

What I know about what my Grandad didn’t know
A project commissioned by The Village Storytelling Centre.
A storytelling and live-streamed object theatre performance. It was performed as part of the Village Storytelling Festival at the CCA in Glasgow in July 2017. Commissioned by Daniel Serridge and supervised by Gavin Glover.

When political disagreements with her whole family became the centre of her life, Sònia started wondering about that mysterious figure in the story of the family who had gone on exile 80 years ago and who nobody talks about. Did he go through the same isolation? Would he argue with her as well? Would he be the political and emotional support she is lacking if he was alive? What happened to his beliefs and to the others who thought the same as him? Can you kill an idea? 

Breaking the silence built around the patriarch of her family, Sònia starts a journey inside the anarchist movement of the Spanish Civil War, and dives in a sea of old photos, objects, and answers that awake more questions, trying to establish this intergenerational conversation that never could happen. 

The Wee Spanish Mobile Library
A lottery-funded project in Glasgow by Club Soletes that promotes storytelling from Hispanic heritage.
Playwriting, performance design and storytelling by Sonia Gardes

Find the article about the project by THe New Normal Magazine here.


Puppet-Led Yoga
Between storytelling and puppetry, between a show and a led-activity, Puppet-Led Yoga is an introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness for children. Available in English, Gaelic, Spanish and Catalan.
Playwriting and devising: Charlotte Allan
Translation to Gaelic: Beth Frieden
Performers: Charlotte Allan, Beth Frieden and Sonia Gardes
Puppet design and making and costume: Sonia Gardes


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