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What can OBJECTORA do for you? You can find here the Menu of possibilities. If you don’t find what you are looking for, just get in touch and we can discuss the idea!


  • Storytelling and animation for children for events and children’s parties. Choose one of the stories or ask for a tailored one that goes with the theme of your event! Objectora’s storytelling isn’t about sitting and reading. Get ready for an interactive and multisensory session of storytelling in which you won’t hear about ugly women who hate beautiful women, or beautiful women who hurt sailormen, or characters who don’t deserve being happy because they don’t sacrifice enough!
  • Storytelling for children in schools. Choose one of the tales that are ready to go, or ask for a tailored one that works with your curriculum. Storytelling for schools is adapted to the Curriculum for Excellence. If you want, you can choose to have a multilingual storytelling in Spanish and English!
  • Storytelling for adults. Tailored storytelling perfect for events or theatre and storytelling venues. Reconnect with the ancestral art with which we learnt about the world when we were children with multisensory tales that will connect with your heart and mind.
  • Storytelling workshops. Learn how to tell a story, and maybe even your story? Tools, tips and exercises to find the right stories, adapt them and tell them to connect with your audience!


  • Theatre for children. Book a session of Puppet-Led Yoga for your Festival or special event! If you want some tailored show for an event with music, puppetry and clown, just get in touch and let’s get started!
  • Theatre for adults. Book What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know) for your Festival or event. find more details about it in the porfolio. Objectora can tailor performances which include storytelling, projections, physical theatre and object theatre.


  • Prop, Puppet and Costume Making for performance. Adapted to the needs of your performance or event and the needs of our environment, Objectora offers both design and making. Anything can be made, from small puppets to big scale ones, from tailored costume to customising second hand clothes!


  • Beauty make-up for events. Because beauty is found within, why don’t you choose how to express that beauty outside? Get tailored make-up for that special day, just designed for you! And because no being should suffer for you to look grant, try our Veauty sessions of vegan make-up!
  • Fantasy make-up and body painting for parties and events. From human statues, to devils and Northern Lights make-up, get the effect you want for that event with fantasy make-up. Vegan options available!
  • Beauty and Veauty parties. Any hen party coming soon? Birthdays? It doesn’t matter the occasion, the party and wish for fun are the core needs for you to book it! Is that eye liner never as straight as you dream after tutorials? Not sure about trying new colours on you? Get an hour and a half session of make-up learning some tips, learning about products, and get ready for the fiesta!


  • Drawing party. It doesn’t matter if you were born to be Dal√≠ or keep a personal stunning toddler style! Drawing parties are for everybody. Birthday parties, hen parties, or team building. Spice it up with some model drawing!
  • Arty Party. You want the perfect children’s party? It definitely will need an apron, sticky materials and colour! Get you perfect arty party with an art workshop and some face painting!