• Costume Design and Making. NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY. Nottingham, 2013. Erasmus Programme
  • Fine Arts. BARCELONA UNIVERSITY. Barcelona, 2013
  • Make-up artistry. IES SALVADOR SEGUI. Barcelona, 2009


Performance and storyteller
  • Theatre Maker. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Glasgow and Edinburgh, August 2018-February 2019. Chosen artist for Testroom, with Gavin Glover, developing the project Big Wee Bee.
  • Storyteller. SCOTTISH STORYTELLING CENTRE. Edinburgh. June 2018. Presenting What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know).
  • Storyteller in Residency. FEST (Federation for International Storytelling). Alden Biesen, Belgium. April 2018. Residency at the International Storytelling Festival in Alden Biesen, Belgium.
  • Storyteller. GLASGOW WOMEN’S LIBRARY and CLAN MACONDO. Glasgow, March 2018. Feminist storytelling for adults for the Celebration of International Women’s Day.
  • Storyteller and Project Coordinator. THE WEE SPANISH MOBILE LIBRARY. Glasgow, 2018.
  • Commissioned Artist. THE VILLAGE STORYTELLING CENTRE. Glasgow, April-July 2017. Creating the 70 minutes performance for adults, What I Know (about what my Grandfather didn’t know)
  • Spanish Storyteller. THE WEE SPANISH MOBILE LIBRARY. Glasgow, August 2016-July 2017. Delivering outdoor storytelling sessions for children aged 0-8.
  • Puppeteer and puppet maker. SELF-EMPLOYED. Glasgow, May-October 2016. Storytelling and puppeteering in schools and for Puppet-Led Yoga, a co-production of Charlotte Allan (Ipdip Theatre), Beth Frieden (Theatre Gu Leòr) and Sònia Gardés. The show was presented at the Family Fringe of the Edinburgh Children’s Festival 2016 and the Mòd Festival 2016.
Art teaching for adults and children
  • Puppetry Workshop Leader. SCOTTISH YOUTH THEATRE. Glasgow, April 2018.
  • Independent Art Tutor for Events. Glasgow and Edinburgh, February 2018-.
  • Storytelling Workshop Leader. GLASGOW WOMEN’S LIBRARY and CLAN MACONDO. Glasgow, February-March 2018.
  • Art tutor. HENS WITH PENS. Glasgow, September 2016-.
  • Associate Professor. BARCELONA UNIVERSITY. Barcelona, November 2013-June 2015
  • Art teacher and playworker. AULA 2. Barcelona, October 2014- June 2015
  • Art teacher and playworker. PONT DE LA CADENA COMMUNITY CENTRE. Barcelona, September 2010-April 2011.
Prop, Puppet and Costume Designer and Maker
  • Sewing Assistant. VISION MECHANICS. Edinburgh, March 2018. For Volvo Advert.
  • Puppet Making Assistant. POTATOROOM. Glasgow, August 2017. Assisting Gavin Glover making puppets for Ulysses, by the Abbey Theatre (2017)
  • Sculpting Assistant. VISION MECHANICS. Edinburgh, August-Semptember 2016. For Dragon Quest (2015)
  • Costume Designer and Maker. GRUPO COSTE ESTE. Barcelona, October 2013-July 2014. Costume Design and Making for the show Circus Cabaret,by Anna Carner.
  • Sculptor and Prop Maker. MINAIRONS. Lleida, July 2012-2014. Sculpting the props and set making to transform the town into a Roman one.
  • Sculptor and Prop Maker. MOLINS DE REI TERROR FILM FESTIVAL. Barcelona, October 2011-2014. Making props for the performances happening during the festival.
Make-up Artist
  • Make-Up Design, Make-Up Artist, and Wardrobe Assistant. MYSTICAL GARDENS. Glasgow, 2018.
  • Make-up artist. SELF EMPLOYED. Barcelona, Edinburgh and Glasgow, 2009-. Make-up artist for independent clients for weddings, events and vegan make-up tutorials, including brands like Arbonne Make-Up and Lush.
  • Sfx make-up artist. VISION MECHANICS. Edinburgh, April 2016. Prosthetic and fantasy make-up for the Advert for their next show.
  • Make-up Artist. VADETU. Barcelona, July 2014-May 2015. Fantasy and beauty make-up for tailored performances for events.
  • Make-up Design, Make-up Artist, and Head of Make-up and Hairstyle. GRUPO COSTA ESTE. Barcelona, October 2013 to July 2014. For the show Circus Cabaret, by Anna Carner.
  • Fantasy face painter. EL CAMERINO. August 2010- August 2011.
  • Sfx make-up Assistant. DDTsfx. Barcelona, April- August 2008. For the films Agora, by Alejandro Amenábar (2009); Paintball, by Daniel Benmayor (2009) and Los abrazos rotos, by Pedro Almodóvar (2009).


  • Tron MAKER. Clown Workshop with Melanie Jordan (June 2018), Writer’s Development (June 2018), Singing for the Frightened Actor with Michael Hill (July 2018)
  • Write Tron. TRON THEATRE. Glasgow, January-March 2018.
  • The Body as a State of Mind, with Sabine Molenaar”. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, February 2018.
  • Whose Story? The ethics of storytelling gathering. THE VILLAGE STORYTELLING CENTRE. Glasgow, May 2017.
  • Seed of a City: Object Manipulation with Olivier Ducas. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, January 2017.
  • Multisensory Storytelling. THE VILLAGE STORYTELLING CENTRE. Glasgow, November 2016.
  • Puppets and Text with Mervyn Millar. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, October 2016. 
  • Supportive Storytelling. THE VILLAGE STORYTELLING CENTRE. Glasgow, October 2016. 
  • From Amoeba to Monkey. LOOP THEATRE. Glasgow, February 2016.
  • Gendersaurus Rex Workshop with Eilidh MacAskill. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, January 2016.
  • Puppeteering for Beginners: a Workshop with Mervyn Millar. PUPPET ANIMATION SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, December 2015
  • Children’s Education under Feminist and Gender Perspectives. L’ESBERLA. Barcelona, May 2015.
  • Children’s Education for the leisure time. EL SOL FREE SCHOOL. Barcelona, July 2011.

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